The Dirty Dozen of Women's Health

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Kathryn Jones

Working with Mary-Anne I was finally able to see that the real reason for my health issues was in my genes. 

I wish I had met her years ago, it would have saved me so many years of pain and invasive treatments that really didn’t fix my health problems

Jo Puplett

Using the information from my Ancestry DNA results, Mary-Anne created my genetic blueprint. Now I know what areas to target for better nutrition, wellbeing and importantly what to do to aid in the prevention of any possible inherited health concerns. Mary-Anne really knows her stuff

Stephanie Turvey

At last after 10 years of searching, a lot of trial and error and stabbing in the dark, I feel confident that my health is heading in the right direction, all in just 6 months. Mary-Anne is providing much needed genetic testing and health support for the treatment and recovery from many health situations


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